Property managers and owners may be tempted to look the other way when it comes to “just a dirty sidewalk.”  However, have they considered the first impression a shabby exterior makes?  
Shoppers, patients and prospective tenants can form an unfavorable opinion of your facility based upon the outward appearance.  In addition to positive first impressions, there are other benefits to power washing your entry ways, sidewalks and building facades as part of performing regular maintenance. 

Benefits of regular power washing:

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  • Removal of salt and ice melting chemical residues that can degrade porous surfaces.
  • Removal of soft drink or grease spills that attract insects.
  • Removal of gum and other stains from walk ways and around trash cans.
  • Protection of expensive investments in landscaping from salt damage.
  • Removal of slippery algae & mold from courtyards and pavers.
  • Make your retail building sparkle just in time for the holiday season.
  • Improve curb appeal to potential tenants. 

BOMA, the Building Owners and Managers Association International, recommends in their Guide to Exterior Maintenance Management that every building manager have a comprehensive exterior maintenance plan.  

Such plans should include window cleaning, snow removal, pest management and landscaping as well as regular maintenance & cleaning of exteriors & walkways. 

MRM has years of experience maintaining our clients’ properties. 

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Properly maintaining a large portfolio of retail shopping centers, a regional medical complex or a small neighborhood professional building can be a considerable task.  

See the list of the benefits of commercial power washing to the left.