What’s the old saying?

The façade and walkways are the first things a potential customer sees upon approaching your shopping center or medical arts complex.  Don’t turn them away before they get in the door! A bright, clean exterior conveys a professional image of an inviting experience within which is just one of the benefits of a well maintained property.  
Power washing of sidewalks, parking lots and building exteriors should be part of your regular exterior maintenance.  BOMA, the Building Owners and Managers Association International, recommends in their Guide to Exterior Maintenance Management that every building manager have a comprehensive exterior maintenance plan.  Such plans should include window cleaning, snow removal, pest management and landscaping as well as regular maintenance & cleaning of exteriors & walkways.

How often should a property be professionally power washed? 

The answer to this question is often answered by considering several factors, including business foot traffic patterns and maintenance budget. 

Our Good-Better-Best options provides some guidance.  

Why should property managers have their portfolios professionally power washed?


  • Curb Appeal
  • Health & safety concerns
  • Maintenance of property values


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